Foundation 4Life Supports Nkosi’s Haven in South Africa


Foundation 4Life pic

Foundation 4Life

As the president of the Success Builders International Network, Edgar Mojica offers entrepreneurial training and life coaching to help clients reach their goals. Strongly committed to giving back to his community, Edgar Mojica contributes to charitable organizations such as the Feed the Children Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and Foundation 4Life, which serves the specific needs of communities around the globe through education and community development.

Foundation 4Life’s Community Development Program emphasizes nutrition, education, and public health to help global communities achieve self-sustainability. In South Africa, for example, Foundation 4Life supports Nkosi’s Haven, a home for mothers and children with HIV.

Since 2001, Foundation 4Life’s contributions have helped provide emotional support for mothers, as well as educational programming to help them gain valuable skills. Construction is currently underway to create the Nkosi Johnson School, the first Foundation 4Life Legacy Center, whose classrooms will provide educational opportunities for at-risk, primary-school-aged children.


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