Feed the Children Helps Celebrate National Agriculture Day

Feed the Children pic

Feed the Children
Image: feedthechildren.org

Since 2013, Edgar Mojica has worked as a leadership development success coach and trainer for the John Maxwell Success Coaching Team. He also has a hand in several businesses in the Winter Garden, Florida area, including serving as founder and president of Success Builders International Network, and as president of Edgar Mojica and Associates, Inc. A philanthropic individual, Edgar Mojica supports numerous charitable organizations, one of which is Feed the Children (FEED).

Created based on Christian values more than 35 years ago, FEED seeks to end childhood hunger across the globe. It connects donors and community leaders to fulfill its mission and currently offers programs in 10 countries.

On March 21, 2017, FEED celebrated National Agriculture Day, which is sponsored by the Agriculture Council of America. Begun in 1973, National Agriculture Day celebrates the contributions of agriculture and encourages Americans to learn more about the origins of the food they eat. FEED recognizes the important role that America’s farmers play, but it also acknowledges that there is room for improvement. The organization knows that although there is prosperity in food production, it does not always mean that children have access to it. As a result, FEED works to fill in the gaps by helping with food distribution to those in need, delivering backpacks full of food, and providing summer meals when school is out.


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