Foundation 4Life’s Kumamoto Earthquake Relief

Foundation 4Life pic

Foundation 4Life

A former medical professional, Edgar Mojica currently spearheads a range of life and leadership coaching initiatives from his headquarters in Winter Springs, Florida. Outside of the professional arena, Edgar Mojica supports a number of charities and community outreach organizations including the Feed the Children partner Foundation 4Life.

Serving families and communities around the world, Foundation 4Life works closely with regional leaders to provide critical support to children. One of its recent programs was the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief fundraiser.

The earthquake and the series of aftershocks that rocked Kumamoto, Japan, on April 16, 2016, left 49 people dead and injured approximately 3000. In response to this tragedy, Foundation 4Life’s Japan offices immediately began planning an emergency fundraising initiative.

In May of 2016, this fundraiser drew more than 75,000 yen from the general public. Foundation 4Life then matched this amount to produce a grand total of 150,000 yen. 4Life Japan president and CEO Steve Tew presented a Red Cross representative with a donation check at an event that celebrated 4Life Japan’s 15-year anniversary.


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