Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Edgar Mojica pic

Edgar Mojica

Edgar Mojica is a former medic/physician’s assistant who assisted in cardiac and neurological surgery as an operating room specialist at the United States Army’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He has been the president of the Success Builders International Network since founding the organization in 1999. In addition to providing a range of life coaching and business leadership services, Edgar Mojica serves Success Builders as a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming.

Mathematician and Gestalt therapist Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder developed neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) at the University of Santa Cruz in the 1970s. Over the years, NLP has grown in popularity as a method of both communication and personal development. It is widely used in the fields of education, coaching, and management training. NLP practitioners support behavioral integration with the basic presuppositions of NLP including the law of requisite variety, outcome orientation with respect for others’ models of the world, and clearly drawn distinctions between “map” and “territory.” NLP defines the difference between map and territory as the difference between unknowable reality and our individual perceptions of that reality.


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